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By | September 13, 2012

Bathroom Renovations by Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge Renovator

Bathroom Design and styles are very personal. Look around for ideas and see what you like. We can work with your designer to find the materials for you or you can purchase the fixtures,bath fixtures that you like and we will do all the masonry,plumbing,drywall and painting work for you.

Bathroom Renovations

Kitchener,Cambridge,Waterloo Bathroom Renovations and Installations

Wherever you are in the Waterloo Region, Kitchener, Waterloo,Cambridge or Ayr we can handle all the tasks . As a recognized contractor in the Waterloo Region we will make sure all your design is up to code and professionally accomplished. Give us a call at 519-465-2697 and lets talk about how we can help make your renovations a reality.

Why use a licensed contractor

Several unwanted challenges arise when updating older type bathrooms from the older plumbing leading into the shower cabin, bath or sink to water damaged flooring. You never know what you will find once you start dissecting the bathroom. When you lift up that old ceramic or vinyl flooring, do not be surprised as to what could be lurking beneath the surface.

I was taken back a few steps by what I saw and quickly realized, if initially the job is not done correctly, you will actually spend more money in the repair process. Since the ceramic tiling was not properly laid, severe water damaged occurred over time and was in desperate need of replacing, the mortar was not spread evenly across the floor boards which gave way to rotted plywood and ultimately lead to having to start from scratch.  From the installation of new showers enclosures, baths or shower cubicles,  find everything you need to know for your bathroom renovation project before you get a professional to do the job. Investing a few hours of your time to get it right the first time will pay off in the long term, as you plan your design,fixtures and if  you are not sure of your choice thoroughly research past home contracting projects and get references from various sources. For ideas you may visit a Bathroom boutique like Watermarks Bathroom renovation supplies.

Hire a Bathroom Contractor to do your renovations

If you have  ideas for fixtures or design ideas ask friends or relatives that have had any baths or bathrooms done using a bathroom renovation specialist, go out and have a look at the workmanship. I had the opportunity of visiting an older home that was completely renovated, where the bathroom renovator took on the huge undertaking of ripping out and installing new bathroom furniture, a new bathroom suite, and new ceramic flooring.

.The picturesque bathroom looked like it belonged on the front cover of Better Homes and Gardens, the well-finished bathroom included a beautiful corner bath for space conservation, a traditional fixed rain shower head like a Kohler , wall mounted bathroom storage cabinets, new bathroom vanity and earthy colored ceramic floor tiling. When the bathroom was completed it was a professional job that provided a tranquil space that included subtle variations of wall colors, woodwork and bathroom cabinets all of which visually enhanced the look of the bathroom and gave the appearance of spaciousness in addition to improving the value of our home.


Use caution and a proven record in bathroom renovation

You want to make sure the company you hire will return to the worksite to make any necessary repairs should something go wrong with the bathroom installation from the plumbing to the flooring, being consumer smart will protect your investment. We hope that you will look at us at Plus Plumbing to do your work. Call us at 519-465-2697 and talk about your project.

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