Natural Gas Installations in Waterloo Region

By | June 19, 2011

Getting Natural Gas Barbecue Installations Done?

Natural gas installations need to be done carefully and you are working with your gas lines it is important to have a qualified TSSA professionally licensed installer doing your job. The primary reason is safety and adherence to the current building and gas installation codes.
Don’t skimp on this when having natural gas installations put in. Your professional plumber and gas fitter will know what piping, how to do the installation to provide the correct safeguards and gas pressure for your natural gas appliance.

For the outdoor barbecue enthusiast in Cambridge,Waterloo or Kitchener, there is no bigger nuisance than running out of propane in the middle of grilling a steak. However, with a supply line delivering natural gas straight from the existing gas service to the barbecue, such disruptions disappear. The added bonus is that natural gas is less than half the per hour cost of propane and there is no more inconvenience of refilling and replacing awkward and expensive propane tanks. Existing propane barbecues can be easily converted to natural gas at a reasonable cost.

The same warning about a professional applies to other natural gas installations in your home such as a natural gas water heater or stove where you should use a professional plumber or gas fitter.

natural gas installations waterloo region

Natural Gas Barbecue Grill by Napoleon

Natural Gas Installations with a Gas Fitter’s ¬†Help

On the deck or patio, the natural gas supply line terminates at a quick-connect coupling on the outside wall, a feature that allows the homeowner to quickly and easily move the barbecue for cleaning or storage or to another quick-connect outlet.

Natural Gas Barbecue Installations

Quick Connect Valve for Barbecue

Modern outlets may also feature a variety of decorative cover boxes to suit individual tastes. Note the shutoff valve and the female valve opening that the quick connect hose from the barbecue snaps into.

Plus Plumbing is your Cambridge,Kitchener,Waterloo Gas Installation Specialist

For all your natural gas installations Plus Plumbing, a licensed TSSA contractor, can do the job for you, in Waterloo, Cambridge ,Kitchener, Ontario and surrounding areas in the Waterloo Region. Give us a call at 519-465-2697 for an estimate.

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