Services:Plumbing and Gas Installations

Here are a few of the Plumbing and Natural Gas installation and renovation services we can assist you with:


  • toilet
  • sink
  • water heater
  • faucet
  • kohler
  • bathtubs
  • pex
  • delta faucets
  • shower doors
  • toto toilets
  • toilet flush
  • shower tub
  • kitchen faucets
  • shower tile
  • shower stalls
  • american standard toilets
  • shower enclosures
  • shower pan
  • dual flush toilet
  • kohler faucets
  • shower installation
  • pedestal sinks
  • bathroom remodeling
  • bath fitting
  • bathtub drain
  • bathroom plumbing fixtures
  • Gas Fitting and Installations

  • natural gas installatioms
  • hot water heaters
  • tankless water heater
  • Natural Gas Barbecue installation and connections
  • 2 thoughts on “Services:Plumbing and Gas Installations

    1. glen cripps

      Hi there,
      I have a medium/small job to do at my Waterloo home.

      My basement bathroom was finished by the previous owners overtop of the existing plumbing, the copper plumbing is anchored along the cement block, and they put the studs, insulation, and drywall overtop of it. It runs right along the top of the bathroom and straight down to the toilet/sink, a few feet above grade, where it gets really cold. The insulation is effectively insulating from any inside heat.

      So, anyways, 2 winters in a row since I moved in, the plumbing to the toilet froze.

      This past winter I got fed up with worrying about it blowing so I cut all the drywall out along the path of that pipe so that warm basement air gets at it and it doesnt freeze.

      So, now I want to fix it proper, I believe that the easiest way is just to run the pipes right close to the basement floor, off of the foundation, straight to the sink and toilet.

      I have already cut out a bunch of drywall so it should be a pretty clean job. The laundry room is next door and is unfinished so you can cut the existing pipes from in there.

      My basement goes about 6 feet below grade so down there the foundation doesnt get so crazy cold as it does 2 feet above ground where the existing pipes are.

      Happy to just pay this one at your hourly rate… I have another project in future that is bigger and may ask for a quote for that.. It’d be next month or after.

      Let me know if you’d like to have a look… asap is fine here!

    2. Sharon Janics

      We currently have a rental water heater through Reliance – we’re looking to use our sears card to buy a new water heater on their equal payments no interest, no admin fees for 36 months. as that will basically mean for 3 years we keep paying the rental fee we’re paying now.. then for the remainder of the life of the unit we’ll be saving money (minus cost of install).. so my question is. Will you do a straight install of a Kenmore water heater we buy elsewhere? Our current unit is a 40 Gal 36000 BTU Top Vent – Power Vent Rheame. We’re looking to replace with a 40 Gal 40,000 BTU Top Vent – Power vent – looks like it might be slightly taller but our pipes vent out the side of the basement and there’s definitely a lot of height between the current unit and the outside connection…. Please get back to me with a yes or no we would do this install along with a rough idea on cost and lead time needed for an appointment. Basically the old unit will be removed and the new unit will be ready to go in it’s location just needed to be reconnected. I realize there may be some modifications required of the existing pipes. Email preferred contact.


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