Natural Gas Barbecue Installation

By | July 16, 2014

Outdoor Gas Barbecue Installation

Outdoor gas-powered barbecues use either natural gas or liquid propane for fuel. The gas system available at your house dictates the type of grill you should buy to hook up to the main line, although the connections are essentially the same. Your deck or patio may already be equipped with a gas line connected to the main system and designed for a barbecue grill. If not, consult a licensed gas technician who can install one for you. Building codes generally prohibit do-it-yourselfers from running gas lines. With the line in place, your grill connects and is ready for cooking in minutes.

Natural Gas Barbecue Installation

Use a TSSA Licensed professional

For safety sake always consider using a TSSA professional when working with your gas lines. In Ontario these are licensed and supervised by the Technical Safety Standards Authority.

In the video below you can see how to do the final hookup to your barbecue with a proper and approved connector to a gas line. The installation that brings the gas to the connection and safety valve in the video should be done by a licensed professional in order to be safe, meet insurance requirements and building and safety codes.

Waterloo Region Plus Plumbing can do your Gas BBQ Installation

Give us a call at 519-465-2697 to get our licensed TSSA professionals working for you hooking up your barbecue so its safe and you never have that problem of running out of propane in the middle of dinner.

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