Top 10 Questions for your Plumber or Gas Fitter

By | July 21, 2014

Questions for your Ontario Plumber Gas Fitter

plumber gas fitter

1. Do you have a license to do what you do? You will always get the best results from a licensed contractor in

Assure that your contractor can provide you with his T.S.S.A. registration.

2. Are you insured?

Do you have proper insurance to cover any risks which may occur when working at your property

3. Will you allow your customer to purchase his own materials (i.e. tubs, toilets etc?

Homeowners need to ensure that if they get a great price on a fixture that they wish to use that their plumber will install it for them.

4. How long have been you doing this work?

You want to ensure your plumber has experience at what he is doing before you discover otherwise.

5. Do you provide a warranty for your workmanship?

As a consumer am I protected if something fails within a short period after the installation

6. References. Can you supply them?

Good contractors are always pleased to supply references from happy customers and show off their pride of workmanship

7. Can you provide a written estimate?

Always ask for a written estimate before you start with any contractor so both you and the contractor know the costs and scope of the job.

8. What kind of work besides strictly plumbing do you do?

Can the contractor do work besides fixing leaks. Have they skills at other trade items such as tiling, drywall.

9. Do you need to have permits for the work and who will obtain them?

Does your municipality or local government require inspections to ensure code compliance? Qualified contractors will always ensure that their work meets all current regulations.

10. Do you have a gas license besides plumbing licenses?

Protect yourself with a licensed plumber gas fitter

You want to ensure your contractor installing gas appliances like your hot water heater is licensed and knowledgeable about gas fitting.

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